Friday, August 28, 2009

Write a letter

I just got to thinking today who actually sends out written letters these days? I know I can’t personally remember the last time I wrote someone a personal note or letter. I’ve occasionally had to write a letter but, they’ve usually pertained to business matters. Nowadays everyone is texting, Twittering, Facebooking, IMing each other. These are generally short messages not more than a few sentence long. Proper grammar or punctuation is almost nonexistent. I’m not exempt from this either.

j0438585I remember back many years ago when I wrote home from my stint in the Army I wrote home constantly. Sometimes I’d write my girlfriend at the time several in one day. I’m not even sure if she read them all when she got them. I’d probably die of embarrassment if I saw one of them today. I believe I wrote my wife a few but, that was before we were married(ten wonderful years ago, you never if she’s reading this.). I think she read them because she married eventually. I’ve slacked off in writing her much lately. It’s hard to write a letter to someone you see every day. She’d probably love to get one.

An actual letter is a lot of work these days compared to email or texting. It must be hard to imagine actually writing on paper(or typing it out), folding and stuffing it in an envelope, finding an address, finding a stamp and finding post office. Then it may take days for it to get to it’s destination. Then you never know if they’ve got it or not. Seems like forever in this instant gratification society we live in.

I’m curious to know how often others write family or friends a letter these days.

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