Friday, May 27, 2016

Elizabeth Warren as VP?

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has grown on me in leaps and bounds lately. Her Tweet wars wars with Donald Drumpf are incredible she has no fear and actually seems to enjoy it very much. Like George Patton she seems to thrive with each salvo without a blink of an eye. Anytime she speaks there is usually one shot fired across the bow of the USS Drumpf. 

 Even though she hasn't officially endorsed anyone as of yet but her Twitter war with Drumpf show's she's paying attention to whats going on. I've wondered if she's actually trying to deflect Donald's attention away from Hillary in an indirect way of helping her. With Hillary deflecting attacks from Drumpf and Sanders she could use all the help she can.

Talk of her being Vice President has heated up again which isn't surprising. She would help bridge the gap with disappointed Bernie fan's. She would also bring a passion and fire to the campaign that Hillary kind of needs at this point with constant attacks from sdanders, Trump and also about those pesky emails. 

The biggest problem is that Warren comes from Massachusetts which has a a Republican Governor, Charlie Baker, who isn't bad per say but would certainly appoint a Republican replacement. Democrats are already in the minority and would be hard pressed to lose more ground. One has to wonder if the stakes are high enough to take that risk and go for the win. For one thing you're already behind so what is to lose? What's in the balance? A Senate seat or Trump as President? Go for it!

Be the Boss Hillary

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Donald Trump can never be President

Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No patience for Bernie Babies any more.

As it looks tonight it was a split between Hillary and Bernie. She took Kentucky and he took Oregon. She now just 92 delegates short(including Super-delegates, yes I count them.) short of clinching. Baring her dropping out completely she will have the nomination after the last batch of primary's on June 7. 

Big question will be how much of a poor sport is Bernie going to be. Will he carry his illogical fight to the convention? If the mess in state Democratic convention where whinny Bernie supporters disrupted proceedings is any indication it could be trouble when the national convention starts in July. Unfortunately Sanders seems to have that lack that ability to think logically and reasonably. It seems to be that protestor/activist mentality is to win at all cost no matter how illogical or how out of touch with reality he is. 

Bernie babies seem to swarm at every social media posting about Hillary or Bernie and cry about how unfair everything is. I love the claim Hillary's not a real democrat. Really. Bernie's a only been a Democrat since last year. She has been one the late 60's. He's been and independent pain in the ass most of his life who despises both major party's. 

It has gotten tiring listening to whining and crying everything is unfair. The media's unfair. The Democratic primary is unfair. Closed primaries are unfair. Superdelegates are unfair. Bernie's hair cut isn't fair. People want pay Hillary to write books and give speeches isn't fair. It's one big bitchfest. It's getting old real fast. I was mildly annoyed before but it's really aggravating now.  I have no patience for them anymore.

I really can't wait for the primary's are over.  

92 is the magic number.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

AXL/DC - Shoot To Thrill Live Lisbon Portugal

Having Axl Rose fill in for Brian Johnson of AXL/DC does seem like an odd combination of late 70's Aussie rock and late 80's L.A. rock. Some were skeptical of this combination. It doesn't seem that bad. Axl's gravely voice is not unlike Brian Johnson or the late Bon Scott(AC/DC's lead singer before Johnson) I think it's a testament that rock stars getting old and dying off.

Most recently we lost the purple one Prince. I wasn't a huge fan of his but I respected his work and he did some songs I liked. Also to join the rock band in heaven(or hell) is Glen Frey of the Eagles, David Bowie. Just seems like many of those that dominated he rock radio of my youth are passing before our eyes.  Just another sign of getting old I guess.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Obama Out

Ted's Hail Mary Pass

Even though I despise Cruz I can see a couple of reasons he grabbed her for VP. One is a short term gain of catching the medias attention for short term. Take a little steam out of the Drumpf's recent wins. He needs every little bit of attention from the media that he can grab away from "The Donald". 

Two. Is an obvious play towards the woman's vote. Ted must have in mind that this is the one Achille's heel that Drumpf has. Despite Donald swearing he loves women(and everyone else) he has a 70% disapproval rate among women(Democrat and Republican). He must be talking about the 30% I guess. Carly also dents into Hillary territory in her appeal.

Three. Snags her before someone else does. Not that Drumpf was necessarily was going to pick her but then again who figured Christie and Carson would side with him. 

I certainly think this is a hail Mary pass as Ted and Governor Kasich have done little but be a small nuisance to the orange one. Between the two of them their only hope is to deny Donald the required delegates to clinch  and put the Republican Convention in Cleveland into chaos.