Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bruins send the Rangers home

Nice to see Bruins take care of the Rangers tonight. Bad news now onto take on Sidney Crosby and crew in Pittsburgh. It certainly doesn't get any easier. 

Photo courtesy of Lyndon Byers

King Phillip War


Scan-003Recently I started reading “Until I have no country” by Michael J. Tougias. It is a novel set during the early colonial America conflict known as “King Phillip’s War” in New England in 1675-77. I had known little about this before reading this. Most of early American history starts from the Mayflower and skips over to Concord and Lexington. This seems to be one of those conflicts that doesn’t get a lot of history press. I had little idea of the extent of the war and what it entailed. King Phillip (AKA: Metacomet) was the Chief of Wampanoags who tried to drive out English colonists.


As a native New Englander its fascinating to hear about local towns and locations that were subject to battles between Native Americans and early settlers in the area. The war ,as with all of them, were savage and brutal.


This book is a novelization of the war but facts and events remain true to history. The author, Michael J. Tougias, does have another book about the war which I have since ordered.I’m looking forward to finishing this book and reading more about

No reason to hit the panic button yet - Bruins Daily -

Maybe panic shouldn't set in but would be nice to close a series out before the 7th game of the series. Going back to 2011 other than the 4-0 blow out of Philly everything has gone to the do or seventh game. Choking on every chance to close early. Give us some breathing room guys at least once awhile. Let's Go Bruins!

No reason to hit the panic button yet - Bruins Daily -

Lincoln LOL

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lincoln seems legit

Why can’t it be easy?

The Boston Bruin’s late night heroics are certainly remarkable. Even I when the were down 4-1 in the 3rd period thought they were done. Wondering whether Claude Julien would be dusting of his resume.

My main gripe with this team is why make it so hard? Why wait until the seventh game with ten minutes to go and down by three goals to find themselves and to find that killer instinct. Why not when they were up 3 games to 1? Really makes you wonder. Maybe they need that do or die emotion to ratchet up to their potential.


Patrice Bergeron playing for Providence Bruins (Boston’s AHL Affiliate)

Meanwhile I’m thankful they found it. A special salute to center Patrice Bergeron who again came in the clutch when it counted. Not only did he tie the game he scored winner in overtime. He’s a tireless player and feared faceoff man. Who can forget his game 7 heroics verses Vancouver to win the Stanley Cup? Now onto New York.