Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hillary burns Sanders in South Carolina

With about 83% of the precincts reporting it looks like Hillary thoroughly burned Bernie in South Carolina's Primary tonight. It looks like a sound victory running about 75% to 25% in Hillary's favor. Looks an even bigger margin than Bernie beat her in New Hampshire. It's a nice sign as Nevada and Iowa were squeakers in comparison. sometimes a blowout is good for the confidence especially going into Super Tuesday in a few days. 

Only thing we await for is the excuses from the Bernie Bots and Bros as to how unfair this contest was. So far we have ongoing "Super-Delegate" controversy. Another was Caucas's were unfair to both Jews(cause it was on a Saturday in Nevada. Plus that they ran too short and it's antiquated system. Another it was unfair that people had to work and couldn't get to them. Despite being nationally publicized for quite some time it must have surprised some voters. I guess some forgot that the national election is held on a Tuesday which is a week day that most people work. I can see an argument for a national holiday to vote but I'll save that issue for another day. 

So congratulation to Hillary for her victory in South Carolina!

Jack of the red hearts

Filmmaker Janet Grillo On Bringing The Reality Of Autism To Th...

Filmmaker Janet Grillo discusses her new film Jack Of The Red Hearts and what's wrong with the mainstream media's depiction of autism.

Posted by HuffPost Parents on Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'm taking my ball and going home

I've seen this "If Bernie doesn't the nomination I'm not voting for Hillary." statement many times on social media. Presidential primary battles can be heated but this kind of atitude is a sure sign of immaturity and doesn't help your candidate or anyone else. This "I'm taking ball and going home if you don't play my way" is a sure sign of immaturity. Who does this help? It's not very persuasive. People are not impressed by elementary school age playground banter. 

Say Hillary does win the nomination does staying home on election day help anyone. It actually helps the other side. One less vote to battle any Republican nominee which if the way things are going would be Trump. In essence you're voting for "The Donald" if give up your right to vote. How does that feel? 

I intend to vote for Hillary this coming March 1st. She is the one I feel the most confident leading our country and getting things done. As much as it pains me, if Bernie is nominated he'd be my choice come November. 

It's easy to get fired up and passionate about a candidate but don't get blinded and not see the big picture. Your team doesn't win if you stay home with your ball. If your participate you're still in the game and you can say you did your part even if you should not win.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio Takes on the Donald

It's about time Trump is finally being targeted by his rival candidates. Too many times before it seems they've targeted each other in a battle for runner-up when the true target should have been "The Donald". I do think he can be taken down but it has to be a united effort. Jeb Bush tried to take him on but it was a little too late and it really wasn't in his personality. Maybe if he had started doing it earlier he would have developed his attack better. Rubio is now the the defacto GOP chosen one so we'll see how for and consistent his attacks on Trump will be. Trump has shown in the past to get frazzled when confronted so any effort has to be relentless. Cruz and the others should realize that without taking on Trump none of them have a chance to succeed. Here's a clip from the last debate:

I'm not voting Republican this time around but this is sure entertaining.

Mean Tweets with Al Franken

 Although judging by the social media I've seen about Hillary Clinton these are pretty tame. The obnoxious Bernie Bots and Bros are immature and many times ridiculous rants about Hillary being bought and I'm not voting for her if she wins the nomination. This doesn't even include rants from the conservatives. For those that don't know Al Franken is a US Senator from Minnesota and is a Saturday Night Live Alumni. Anyway here is a little bit of humor for Friday.

Mean Tweets: campaign edition with Senator Al Franken.
Posted by Hillary Clinton on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jeb Bush bows out

The Jeb Bush campaign has called it quits after an all out effort in the Republican South Carolina Primary only garnered him 4 place with 7.85% of the vote. In the year that voters seem to prefer someone like Trump who manages to pick a fight with everyone including the Pope.

Sad that despite spending an obscene amount of money between his superPAC and his campaign had never quite taken off. Even being brother and son of two Presidents it just didn't seem to be Jeb's year. He's a bit too much of nice guy in an election year that has garnered a lot voter wrath. 

This moment in New Hampshire seemed to sum up his campaign....

Unfortunately Trump's brash bully tactics seem to be wooing voters and nice guys like Jeb are left behind. It seems to up to Cruz or Rubio to take down the "Donald". Kind of sad cause even though I'd never vote for him I did sort of root for him to knock Trump on his ass in the last debate and turn it into a brawl. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Harper Lee 1926-2016

 “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” 
-Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

I came around to the "To Kill a Mockingbird" fan club only in the past year or so. I had seen the movie ,starring Gregory Peck, a long while ago and I did like it. Although I've had an aging paperback version collecting dust on my bookshelf I had never got around to reading it. It took an iPhone app and Audible subscription to finally bring me around. 

One month I finally selected To kill a mockingbird. The actress Sissy Spacek did the audio reading of the book. I think she did an incredible job as "Scout" in narrating the story. In the beginning though it seemed to start off slow. Harper Lee spent a lot of time painting the picture of small town southern life. At the same time she is also describing herself and her family and friends. It really isn't until halfway through until the meat of the story is introduced. 

The story is of course Atticus Finch defending a partially handicapped African American named Tom Robinson. Tom was not only the victim of the southern style racism. He was also the victim of poor timing and feeling empathy for a lonely abused and naive southern girl in her late teens.  While going through the trial it's quite apparent that the circumstantial evidence presented is quite suspect. The only problem is that this is Alabama in the 1930's. A Caucasian persons accusation against Blacks are rarely questioned. African Americans at the time are poorly defended if at all. Many times just receiving a token defense. 

The timing of listening this was just after the riots of Ferguson, Missouri and during the Baltimore riots of 2014. I couldn't help think that this book still has a lot of relevance to this day unfortunately. I do think much of the overt racism and segregation has been pushed back. Subtle and less in your face racism still exists. I'm not so sure we'll ever be totally free of of racism but I do think it can be minimized. 

After listening to the story I did view the movie again and like other books to movies I saw stuff that was missed or changed. That just goes with the territory as its hard to find any Hollywood adaptation that stays 100% to the book. It is what it is. 

I haven't had a chance to listen or read Harper Lee's recent release of "Go set a Watchman" which was actually Lee's first book but actually takes places years later with Scout as an adult and Atticus as her surprisingly racist father. Unlike many I don't find this totally surprising. In To Kill a Mockingbird nothing really suggests that he couldn't be racist and still defend Tom Robinson. In my mind he stood on principle of doing his job to his best ability. Perhaps I'll change my mind once I read or listen to the book.  Such is the wonder of books to make one think. 

Thank you Harper Lee for giving us much to think about.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Congratulations Hillary!

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Saturday, February 20, 2016

What's going on in this election?

In all my life I haven't seen a Presidential elction like this. Each one does seem to have it's own character. Earliest one I remember was Reagan verses Carter in 1980. With Reagan screaming "I paid for this microphone in New Hampshire primary and the infamous "Are you better off 4 years ago" question to voters. In 84 we had sad sack Mondale taking on the great communicator. In 88 we had Michael Dukakis looking silly in a tank with his helmet looking a few sizes too big.

This seems to be the year of the angry voter. We have the bombastic ego maniac billionaire Donald Trump running. He has seemingly managed to insult almost everyone. If he hasn't gotten around to insulting you just wait a little while as I'm sure he'll get to you soon. Here's a short list of those he's managed to insult or fight with:

  • John McCain
  • Mexicans
  • Muslims
  • Meghan Kelly
  • Fox News
  • Ted Cruz
  • Pope Francis
  • Republican Party 
  • George W. Bush 
  • Debate audiences
  • Hecklers

Funny thing is that with a list like that you'd swear he's a Democrat.

On the other side we've Bernie Sanders who also seems to embattled with the party he's running. His Bernie-bots and bros have swarmed over social media attacking anyone who talks bad about Bernie or who dares say they like Hillary. Despite looking like a crazy old hippy community college professor whose crazy socialist ideas seem cool to the students.

I'll admit Hillary's my favorite but she seems to be stymied Sanders surging and dogged by an email scandal that doesn't seem to want go away. I backed her when she and Obama were battling it out in 2008 which was a tight race on the Democrat side. She has my support this time also as she seems to be the most sensible and experienced.

I really doubt Sanders would get very many of his ideas off the grounds as he represents the extreme left of the party. Obama has already been stymied by Congress and I really doubt Bernie with socialistic ideas would get any of them passed. Plus being and Independent I doubt he has many friends on either side his anger is only surpassed by Donald Trump. Neither of these two seem like Presidential material me at all. A president should have dignity, poise, statesmanship and tact which they have little or none, especially Trump.

As of right now I'm with Hillary which might surprise some. Despite her faults I think she's best qualified and most likely to get things done once she sets mind to it. She is also sensitive yet tough when she has to be. She is also respected world wide as the other two front runners seem amateurish. I'm with her as the campaign slogan goes.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Supreme Court and Obama

The late Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia body was barely cooled when it has already become a topic of political discussion of his replacement. Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has already made it plain he wants the next President to decide. Of course he's hoping it's him but he has to derail the Trump express train first. he then promised to filibuster any appointment.  

He was of course followed by others calling for President Obama to hold off his appointment. only thing is nothing in the Constitution says a sitting President has to wait to make an appointment for any reason. Not because it's last year of office and it's an election year. Go ahead and look, get back to us when you find it.