Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio Takes on the Donald

It's about time Trump is finally being targeted by his rival candidates. Too many times before it seems they've targeted each other in a battle for runner-up when the true target should have been "The Donald". I do think he can be taken down but it has to be a united effort. Jeb Bush tried to take him on but it was a little too late and it really wasn't in his personality. Maybe if he had started doing it earlier he would have developed his attack better. Rubio is now the the defacto GOP chosen one so we'll see how for and consistent his attacks on Trump will be. Trump has shown in the past to get frazzled when confronted so any effort has to be relentless. Cruz and the others should realize that without taking on Trump none of them have a chance to succeed. Here's a clip from the last debate:

I'm not voting Republican this time around but this is sure entertaining.

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