Saturday, February 20, 2016

What's going on in this election?

In all my life I haven't seen a Presidential elction like this. Each one does seem to have it's own character. Earliest one I remember was Reagan verses Carter in 1980. With Reagan screaming "I paid for this microphone in New Hampshire primary and the infamous "Are you better off 4 years ago" question to voters. In 84 we had sad sack Mondale taking on the great communicator. In 88 we had Michael Dukakis looking silly in a tank with his helmet looking a few sizes too big.

This seems to be the year of the angry voter. We have the bombastic ego maniac billionaire Donald Trump running. He has seemingly managed to insult almost everyone. If he hasn't gotten around to insulting you just wait a little while as I'm sure he'll get to you soon. Here's a short list of those he's managed to insult or fight with:

  • John McCain
  • Mexicans
  • Muslims
  • Meghan Kelly
  • Fox News
  • Ted Cruz
  • Pope Francis
  • Republican Party 
  • George W. Bush 
  • Debate audiences
  • Hecklers

Funny thing is that with a list like that you'd swear he's a Democrat.

On the other side we've Bernie Sanders who also seems to embattled with the party he's running. His Bernie-bots and bros have swarmed over social media attacking anyone who talks bad about Bernie or who dares say they like Hillary. Despite looking like a crazy old hippy community college professor whose crazy socialist ideas seem cool to the students.

I'll admit Hillary's my favorite but she seems to be stymied Sanders surging and dogged by an email scandal that doesn't seem to want go away. I backed her when she and Obama were battling it out in 2008 which was a tight race on the Democrat side. She has my support this time also as she seems to be the most sensible and experienced.

I really doubt Sanders would get very many of his ideas off the grounds as he represents the extreme left of the party. Obama has already been stymied by Congress and I really doubt Bernie with socialistic ideas would get any of them passed. Plus being and Independent I doubt he has many friends on either side his anger is only surpassed by Donald Trump. Neither of these two seem like Presidential material me at all. A president should have dignity, poise, statesmanship and tact which they have little or none, especially Trump.

As of right now I'm with Hillary which might surprise some. Despite her faults I think she's best qualified and most likely to get things done once she sets mind to it. She is also sensitive yet tough when she has to be. She is also respected world wide as the other two front runners seem amateurish. I'm with her as the campaign slogan goes.

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