Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hillary burns Sanders in South Carolina

With about 83% of the precincts reporting it looks like Hillary thoroughly burned Bernie in South Carolina's Primary tonight. It looks like a sound victory running about 75% to 25% in Hillary's favor. Looks an even bigger margin than Bernie beat her in New Hampshire. It's a nice sign as Nevada and Iowa were squeakers in comparison. sometimes a blowout is good for the confidence especially going into Super Tuesday in a few days. 

Only thing we await for is the excuses from the Bernie Bots and Bros as to how unfair this contest was. So far we have ongoing "Super-Delegate" controversy. Another was Caucas's were unfair to both Jews(cause it was on a Saturday in Nevada. Plus that they ran too short and it's antiquated system. Another it was unfair that people had to work and couldn't get to them. Despite being nationally publicized for quite some time it must have surprised some voters. I guess some forgot that the national election is held on a Tuesday which is a week day that most people work. I can see an argument for a national holiday to vote but I'll save that issue for another day. 

So congratulation to Hillary for her victory in South Carolina!

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