Monday, February 22, 2016

Jeb Bush bows out

The Jeb Bush campaign has called it quits after an all out effort in the Republican South Carolina Primary only garnered him 4 place with 7.85% of the vote. In the year that voters seem to prefer someone like Trump who manages to pick a fight with everyone including the Pope.

Sad that despite spending an obscene amount of money between his superPAC and his campaign had never quite taken off. Even being brother and son of two Presidents it just didn't seem to be Jeb's year. He's a bit too much of nice guy in an election year that has garnered a lot voter wrath. 

This moment in New Hampshire seemed to sum up his campaign....

Unfortunately Trump's brash bully tactics seem to be wooing voters and nice guys like Jeb are left behind. It seems to up to Cruz or Rubio to take down the "Donald". Kind of sad cause even though I'd never vote for him I did sort of root for him to knock Trump on his ass in the last debate and turn it into a brawl. 

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