Saturday, February 27, 2016

I'm taking my ball and going home

I've seen this "If Bernie doesn't the nomination I'm not voting for Hillary." statement many times on social media. Presidential primary battles can be heated but this kind of atitude is a sure sign of immaturity and doesn't help your candidate or anyone else. This "I'm taking ball and going home if you don't play my way" is a sure sign of immaturity. Who does this help? It's not very persuasive. People are not impressed by elementary school age playground banter. 

Say Hillary does win the nomination does staying home on election day help anyone. It actually helps the other side. One less vote to battle any Republican nominee which if the way things are going would be Trump. In essence you're voting for "The Donald" if give up your right to vote. How does that feel? 

I intend to vote for Hillary this coming March 1st. She is the one I feel the most confident leading our country and getting things done. As much as it pains me, if Bernie is nominated he'd be my choice come November. 

It's easy to get fired up and passionate about a candidate but don't get blinded and not see the big picture. Your team doesn't win if you stay home with your ball. If your participate you're still in the game and you can say you did your part even if you should not win.

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