Saturday, July 19, 2014

My iPad is Frozen

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 5 Running Songs.

The practice of plugging my earphones cranking the tunes out in my brain have been a staple of my running ever since started recently. It was a worry of mine when I did my first race whether or not I'd stick out using it. I've grown so used it and I'm not sure how I'd do with out it. I still carry my phone in hand with headphones stuck in. Runkeeper app tracking me and music rocking out. In the two 5k's under my belt I've found although the majority of fellow runners don't use them but enough do that I don't feel so self conscious about it. If anyone has any input I'd be glad to hear it(pardon the pun,LOL).

That being said hear are my top current favorite jogging songs in which to hit the pavement with.

Uprising - Muse

Beat the horse - Pomplamoose

I'm Alright(theme from "Caddyshack) - Kenny Loggin's

Candyman - Christina Aguilera

Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue

What are your favorites that put a little extra pop in your step?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Phinney's Harbor Day 5k

My second 5k proved to be harder than the first. The event was the Phinney's Harbor Day 5k in Bourne,Massachusetts. The race starts and end at Monument Beach which is home to the Bourne Community Boating. 

The race starts at the beach house. Goes out into nearby residential neighborhood. Which started early in my main weakness of my training..lack of hills. It was so bad until the path started going off on an adventure to speak. It eventually went off onto a dirt road which was ok at first other than a few soft spots. The recent Tropical storm "Arthur" had left some massive puddles, small ponds I think, that left runner scrabbling to the sides of the road dodge bushes and branches. This was just the warm up though. It eventually went off onto a a single file trail off road. Which meant dodging more obstacles like roots and branches. Let's also add that much of the trail was going up hill which I'll be honest this was my version of "heartbreak hill". I'm man enough to say I did slow it down to a walk until I was over the worst of it. The rest went gradually back to residential neighborhood. Which found its way back to the beach to the finish like. Where I eagerly found some water and claimed my goody bag with t-shirt and some other goodies.

One humbling and inspiring thing was that an 80 year old guy finished ahead of me.  Which tells me I have a ways to go and to never to give up.
I had fun and I'm already looking for more. I'll have to work some more trails into my jogging program to mix it up