Monday, December 28, 2009

Up in smoke : Day 17

j0433899 Now that the dust has settled after the Christmas rush time to get back in the swing of things. It has been now 10 days since I’ve quit smoking. I’m not sure if it’s the Chantix but I feel as I’ve got the knack of this. Besides the first day I’ve had the feeling that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Occasionally  a thought passes my mind to have a cigarette but it soon passes. I’ve got enough butterscotch and Wurther’s hard candy to last a few weeks now.

The Chantix does cause me some nausea if I don’t eat something with it. Other than that I  haven’t noticed any physical effects. My wife has noticed that I’ve become a a little more out spoken recently. I guess I don’t have smoking to hide behind anymore. I’ve read before that smokers tend to keep or hide stuff inside them. So my reaction makes sense. My wife actually see’s this as a good thing since I tend to be on the quiet side.

I’m hoping to finally clean my car out this week. I do notice the “smoke” smell when I first get in the car. I did add an air freshener” but the smell is still underneath. Thanks for coming by. I’ll check in later this week.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Test post

This is a test post from my iPhone. Hope your having a great holiday. This phone is cool. I wish I had gotten it sooner.

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! This clip is from one of my favorite Christmas movies Scrooged starring Bill Murray. It is the ending clip of the movie which can be touching at times. It sums up the holidays spirit nicely.

A lot of people say that Christmas is just for kids. I agree but, with a twist. I believe that were all still kids at heart. We are still that same person we were when we were kids and couldn’t wait to open presents. Then we grow older and become wiser and mature.We get caught up in “grown up” concerns and worries and can lose the spirit of the holidays. I think many times we are the ones who keeps us from having a good time during the holidays. Enjoy yourself wherever you may be. That kid who used to wake your parents up early to open presents is still inside you and for one day let them come to light. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Up in smoke : Day 10

j0399548 I’m now on my 3rd day of not smoking. I made it through the weekend which was an accomplishment. The first day was the toughest I have to admit. It was constantly on my mind and I found it hard to concentrate on much else. I napped a few times just to get my mind off it. Ate tons of butterscotch candies. On Sunday I spent much of the day cleaning up after the snow storm. It was less on my mind than the first day.

Today will be the first day at work not smoking. I usually smoke driving to and from work and at lunch break. This will be another hurdle I’ll have to jump. I expect it’ll be much like the Saturday was but, after that it should be ok. I’m still taking the Chantix twice daily with no side effects. I actually was late taking one last night. I completely forgot about it. Maybe that’s a good sign. Thanks again for those with the words of support encouragement. They are appreciated.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Up in Smoke: Day 8

j0337276 Well it’s almost time for the last smoke. I’m still following through with the Chantix(and the Get Quit program that goes with it). So far I’ve noticed no side effects from the drug. I’m quite anxious about it(quitting) to be honest. Tomorrow I start the full strength pills (twice daily). I thought of putting it off but, couldn’t come up with a compelling reason to stop going through with it. Thanks to all who have given me words and thoughts of encouragement. It’s time for bed. I’ll see you on the other side.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Up in smoke: Day 2

hh00116_ This is my second day of taking Chantix to quit smoking. I didn’t notice much difference in my smoking routine. If anything I seemed to think about it more. That could just because I’m trying something new which may wear off after awhile. The Get Quit program activity of the day was to keep a log of when and where I smoked during the day. I took a small notepad and used that. For today’s activity was to check off the reasons for quitting. Here are my selections:

  • I no longer enjoy smoking. – I don’t remember enjoying that much in the first place. Today I find it annoying and wastes my time.
  • My family is worried about my health. – My oldest son(7 years old) keeps telling me to stop because he doesn’t want me in the hospital like his grandfather. Need I say more?
  • I’m spending too much money on cigarettes. – The price of cigarettes these days is utterly ridiculous. I can use the money on stuff I’ve been wanting or needing.
  • I’m concerned about my health. – I’m not one to be too much of a health nut but I am concerned about it. I’d like to enjoy my time here on God’s green Earth for many years to come.

Also on the website they explain a little bit about how Chantix works. In short it blocks the Nicotine from the receptors in your head that release Dopamine. Dopamine is what gives the smoker pleasure while smoking. It lasts only a short period which why smokers have a craving quickly afterward.

Thanks for coming by.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Up in smoke: Day 1

j0341771 Recently I decided I wanted to try and quit smoking again. I talked to my doctor recently and he recommended I try Chantix to help me stay quit. It hasn’t been an easy decision to make. It’s a major commitment on my part. I know my wife and kids support me in my decision. It has been a part of my life for close to 30 years now. The time just feels right to renew battle against this stuff. My wife suggested that I could blog about my experience. So I plan to blog here every so often to give everyone updates on my progress(or not).

What are my goals?

First of course is to stop smoking for good. I hadn’t made a serious attempt in quite awhile. The Chantix is suppose to be a 12-week program. I smoke the first week while starting to take the pills. It’s suppose to give your body time to adjust to the medication and then to stop smoking on the 8th day. My day will be next Saturday December 19, 2009. My wife even asked why so so soon? I said why not, I had pretty much made my mind up to do this.

Secondly I hope to inform and help those that may be thinking of quitting using this method. Even if they choose to try something different perhaps it will serve as encouragement.

Chantix also has a support program called GetQuit. I signed up online which they’ll give me activities to do, email and phone support. Today’s activity is suppose to keep a log of where and when I smoke for 24 hours. I’ll begin that today when I wake up(I’m writing this is in wee hours of the morning). When I wake I plan to start keeping my log and pill in the morning(with beverage and food as recommended).

I’d love to hear about any other people who have tried this. I’d welcome your comments.