Sunday, December 13, 2009

Up in smoke: Day 2

hh00116_ This is my second day of taking Chantix to quit smoking. I didn’t notice much difference in my smoking routine. If anything I seemed to think about it more. That could just because I’m trying something new which may wear off after awhile. The Get Quit program activity of the day was to keep a log of when and where I smoked during the day. I took a small notepad and used that. For today’s activity was to check off the reasons for quitting. Here are my selections:

  • I no longer enjoy smoking. – I don’t remember enjoying that much in the first place. Today I find it annoying and wastes my time.
  • My family is worried about my health. – My oldest son(7 years old) keeps telling me to stop because he doesn’t want me in the hospital like his grandfather. Need I say more?
  • I’m spending too much money on cigarettes. – The price of cigarettes these days is utterly ridiculous. I can use the money on stuff I’ve been wanting or needing.
  • I’m concerned about my health. – I’m not one to be too much of a health nut but I am concerned about it. I’d like to enjoy my time here on God’s green Earth for many years to come.

Also on the website they explain a little bit about how Chantix works. In short it blocks the Nicotine from the receptors in your head that release Dopamine. Dopamine is what gives the smoker pleasure while smoking. It lasts only a short period which why smokers have a craving quickly afterward.

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