Friday, June 26, 2015

Walking On Sunshine - Pomplamoose

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charleston Tragedy

The tragedy of the Charleston killings is appalling. This has sparked reaction on many fronts. The obvious one is the blatant racism of the killer, Dylann Roof, who sported patches from former apartheid nations of Rhodesia and South Africa. It has also brought forth the old issue of guns in America. It seems for many it seems it's defending their second amendment rights were under attack instead of worrying about the nine people who are dead. The NRA blames the church for not allowing "open carry" which they say would have prevented the tragedy. Seriously? Priorities seem to be a bit backwards.

The confederate flag has come under fire also as a relic of the past. I admit as a Civil War buff I've had mixed feelings about the flag. Although I think this falls first amendment protection for the individual citizen or private group  I don't feel it should be displayed on any state or Federal property. It's sad that over 150 years since the war ended that it's still prominently displayed. It really should come down, the war is over.

It's sad that we can't seem to find some middle ground as far as gun control without gun enthusiasts entrenching themselves in rhetoric and weak arguments. Honestly little will probably be done as most politicians fear support from southern voters and the wrath of the very vocal NRA who solution it seems is that everyone needs a gun.