Saturday, August 22, 2009

How I spent my summers in Marshfield

Though I don’t recall ever doing the cliché’ back to school essay in real life, this might be considered a summary of those summers I spent as a youth. The majority of my summers were spent in Marshfield which is located on what is considered the South Shore in Massachusetts. As I sit in my house located in the small city of Providence, Rhode Island. Where houses are packed together like sardines. Even in the early morning hours there is still the noise of the city going on around you with loud neighbors, sirens going off in the distance, and the annoying thumping of  drivers sharing rap music with neighborhood at 3am. Every quirk or pet peeve that may just be brushed off in a suburban or rural neighborhood is amplified in the city it seems. I guess my mind tries to escape to a more quieter and normal pace. When the worst things you had to deal with were sunburns, poison ivy or crashing your bicycle.

Humarock Beach,Scituate,MA


Our family moved to Marshfield just before I was to go into first grade. We lived with my grandparents (my mother’s parent’s). We spent our summers doing many things. We’d hit Rexhame beach many times during the summer. We lived close by Humarock Beach but, we didn’t visit their as a family a lot. I when I got a little older I used to stay up all night and ride my bike down to Humarock Beach to watch the sun come up. We had plenty of woods to explore and play in. We had a large porch that we sleep outside on warm summer nights. We’d watch thunderstorms passing by in relative safety.

We had a large yard which was like a magnet for our friends around the neighborhood. We had numerous games of tag, war, kickball, or just running around raising heck.

The Marshfield Fair was usually the highlight of the summer. The rides were cool and it was interesting to see the animals. Sometimes we’d hit the fireworks show on the weekends. The only sad part was it marked the end of summer and it was soon back to school.

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