Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Win Friends and Influence People Part 4

If you’ve just joined us here I’m doing a chapter by chapter summary/review/thoughts on Dale Carnegie’s classic self improvement book How to Win Friends & Influence People. This book so far has both reinforced ideas that I’ve already known about and has also given me great insight into new ways of thinking.

The first three chapters covered are called Fundamental Techniques in Handling People and they are:

In Part 2 of the book is called Six ways to make people like you. Admit it, we all want to be liked. Whether are liked is another matter.

The next chapter is called:

 Do This and You’ll Be Welcomed Everywhere.

In this chapter Dale tells us that the key to getting people interested in us is to show interest others. Let’s face it for the most part were really interested in ourselves. When others show interest in things that are important to us we become more open to them. We’ve all talked to people who are only interested in talking about themselves and what interests them. Those are usually people that we avoid  in the future. We show more attention and appreciation to those who like to talk about us and make us feel important. Much of what Dale Carnegie says may seem like common sense but, how common is it really? The key is to become genuinely interested in other people.

Dale Carnegie Principle: Become genuinely interested in other people.

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