Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wicked Town Names : Foxborough

Foxborough is where live currently and have lived off and on since a teenager(early 80’s, yes that dates me).  The abbreviated spelling “Foxboro” is a popular alternate spelling and acceptable most of the time. I also graduated high school there too. It’s most famously known as home of NFL’s New England Patriots. It’s a town of roughly 17,000 located midway Boston and Providence, Rhode Island.

I find it interesting where towns or cities get their names and Foxboro is no different. Foxboro was incorporated in the midst of the American Revolution 1778. The community had been trying since the 1760’s to incorporate to save travel to town meetings and worship.


Charles James Fox by Karl Anton Hickel

The town was incorporated before it had a name. About that time a Whig member of Parliament, Charles James Fox, was a vocal supporter of the American colonies up the revolution. Apparently he was making headlines the time.

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