Tuesday, June 25, 2013

They didn’t poke the bear

I shut the TV off as soon as the clock ran out. I honestly wasn’t going to watch another team hoist the Stanley Cup on home ice. Just too bitter to swallow just yet. Nothing personal against the Chicago Blackhawks which proved to have the edge in the closely contested series. In that lies what happened the 2013 Bruins, they weren’t poked.



Bruin’s do their best when they have an emotional stake involved or some kind of villain to focus on. With Pittsburgh we wanted to see Sidney Crosby and his pout pummeled by Chara.



Even NY Rangers had the evil coach Tortorella with his brutal commentary and tactics at times. Course now he appears to be Vancouver’s problem now.



Of course I’m sure , though unconfirmed, the thoughts of Phil Kessel triumphing over Boston spurred the incredible game seven comeback for the ages.


Let’s look at 2011 Stanley Cup run too.

First we face the dreaded Montreal Canadiens which is perhaps the fiercest rivalry the Bruins have. Hating the Habs is part of the ritual of becoming a Bruins fan. Like Red Sox Vs. Yankees, Lakers vs. Celtics and Patriots vs. Jets. The hate is just naturally there. 



Next was the sweep of the Broad Street Bullies in 4 games for payback for the embarrassment of 2010 debacle. Which we took full advantage of their revolving goalie issue.



Who could forget Tampa Bay Lightning coach Guy Boucher’s evil scar and mind game like news conferences.


When we finally got to the finals with Vancouver they were something of an unknown. but by the end of the series probably everyone including the Vancouver Zamboni drivers were hated. Between bitten fingers, staying in paint, inflating tire, Green Men and so on. Plenty of drama and most of all ….hate.


How the loss was taken by Vancouver fans. Still waiting for the riots in Boston. Must be still in planning stages or everyone's busy watching New England Patriot  Aaron Hernandez updates.

Chicago Blackhawks

I kept waiting for the hate to come for Chicago. Heck I actually like city though I’ve never been there. Always respected there teams The cities themselves are similar in their tough character. The hate never materialized really in the fan base or on the ice. Though I thought when Bruins were up 2-1 I thought we were in the drivers seat. Unfortunately the B’s let off the gas and let Chicago back in the driver seat.


How can you hate a city that has this?

Whether it was part of there strategy the Blackhawks never really poked the bear. I can’t even name a player I dislike on their team. They played tough solid respectable hockey. Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Cup.

Boston Bruin’s


Unfortunately Patrice Bergeron’s gutsy playing while injured in game six wasn’t enough. He exemplifies the Bruin’s spirit and work ethic. Along with the play of Tuukka Rask, Gregory Campbell, Zdeno Chara but it wasn’t enough. No goals from Jagr (0 goals 10 assists)and the disappearance of Tyler Seguin(1 goal 7 assists) at times. Where was the “Little ball of Hate” Brad Marchand this series or the playoffs for that matter? He seemed a shadow of his pesky self compared to 2011.

Enough of the griping. Thanks to the Boston Bruins for a wonderful spirited run to help the city of Boston during a tough year with all the drama and tragedy of the Boston Marathon. The team still is a proud representation of of a tough and resilient city and region. The team is still young and will for sure still be very competitive in the near future. Looking forward to training camp in the fall already. Now I must suffer through intolerable Red Sox and Patriots sports coverage, oh well.  As always ,

Go Bruin’s!

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