Monday, June 10, 2013

Foxborough World War II Roll of Honor

I have driven by this memorial hundred’s of times in my life but given it no more than a passing glance. The World War 2 Roll of Honor is located on the south corner of Foxboro Common where South Street and Central street meet at the common. You may miss it coming from Central Street(Route 140) as it’s partial obscured. It faces the Memorial Hall across the way.

What peaked my interest in it recently in going through some old family photo’s and assorted papers I came across “A Program of Welcome and Appreciation for the Men and Women of Foxborough who served in World War 2 who are Honorably Discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States of America”. This program was held on January 10, 1945 at Foxboro High School(I believe now is the Igo Elementary School).

Featured prominently on the cover is the memorial itself.


I find my Grandfather William J. Ellis Jr. on the list to be honored.

My grandfather’s “Certificate of Appreciation” from the town of Foxborough.

My Grandfather William J. Ellis Jr.

Present day World War 2 Roll of Honor.

The Roll of Honor was originally proposed for in 1943 and I believe was dedicated Memorial Day 1945(I’d have further research this to confirm this.). Originally during the war the names were kept in a wooden and glass case and the bronze plaque was to be erected once the war ended.

Joseph D'Abrue August 1944

Update August 13, 2013: I would also like to add my Grandmother's brother Joseph D'Abrue who is also listed on the Roll of Honor. He served in the U.S. Army. 

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