Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thoughts on Fifty Shades Darker so far

Although I passed through the first of this series fairly quickly this one has been like a trench battle in comparison. I'm still only about halfway through. As the title implies this one is dealing more with the darker side of Christian Grey and his past. 

Big theme involves Christian and Ana dealing with Christian's past relationships. I'm sure many of us can relate when we're in a new relationship and we may need to deal with past relationships , good and bad, of our partners. In Christian case we're dealing with "Mrs. Robinson" as Ana coldly calls her and Leila, a former submissive, goes off the deep end and is stalking Ana and is deeply jealous of her relationship with Christian. 

I think many of us when we're in relationships have to deal with past relations of our partners for better or worse. Some of them may be jealous or disapprove of you and you of them. We have to deal with the fact out partners had a past that made up who they are. l know I can relate in that manner too. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and trust them. 

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