Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Looking Through The Past

Over the last few months I’ve taken on a personal project of scanning old family photo and working on the family tree. These two projects seem to n go hand in hand though they are separate tasks. The actually scanning of photo’s can be tedious but has been rewarding too. I have the unique access to photo’s from my mother’s childhood and grandparents generation. They range from old school portraits to everyday life around the house.

Ellis family - December - 1954

Christmas photo mid 1950’s, my mother is on the right.

I’ve also started a family tree at and using their companion Family Tree Maker software. Both are simple to use. I’m really at the beginning stages of genealogy research. So far I haven’t found any royalty that I’m related to since it seems everyone else seems to claim they are or at least reincarnated from someone famous. Although it may be interesting but it’s not why I’m doing it. It sort of feeds on itself as the more you find out the more s=questions that come up. Interesting to see how people are related. Where  & when you ancestors arrived here (unless your Native American we’re all immigrants) is always cool.

Here are some interesting item’s I found:

-Related to founding member, Francis Plumer, of Newbury(later to become Newburyport), Massachusetts in 1630. Name on monument here.

-On my Mother’s side are from both Canada and Ireland in late 1800’s.

These are just a couple items. I’ll share more as time goes by. .

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