Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flintlock & Tomahawk - New England in King Phillip's War

Lately I've been reading Flintlock & Tomahawk by Douglas Edward Leach. It's the third book recently I've read about the King Phillip War in New England in 1675-77. As a native New Englander I knew little of this early conflict in early colonial American history. History books in school seem to go from Pilgrims on one chapter and Redcoats marching to Lexington and Concord in the next.

 One thing that amazes me is the level of violence and brutality in this war. Many colonists that were victims were found scalped or beheaded to intimidate those that found them. The colonists were far from not having innocent themselves. When King Phillip himself was tracked down and killed he was beheaded and quartered after his death(as if that wasn't bad enough). One of those who were involved in his death was rewarded with his hand as a souvenir of sorts. Such the hatred on booth sides women and children were not spared in the pitch of battle. Native Americans who were captured could often expect death or be sold into slavery.

The other books I recommend on this subject are Until I Have No Country by Michael Tougias and King Phillip's War: History and Legacy of America's Forgotten War By Eric B. Shultz and Michael Tougias.    

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