Thursday, March 24, 2016

Removed from Rolling Stone

Recently Rolling Stone endorsed Hillary Clinton by Rolling Stone Magazine. Of course Bernie bots came out in force in their comments sections online. I did post this response but was removed by the admin. I kind of wished they'd give an explanation but anyhow. Perhaps it was a bit too inflammatory. Good thing about a blog is that I'm the admin so here it is.

I liked the article and I agree with the endorsement. Of course the Bernie supporter online media army has been out in force denouncing this endorsement. You'd think they(Rolling Stone) shot Bernie down cold in the middle of the street. I think many supporters that feel the Bern fail to see the forest for the trees. It wasn't Hillary that needed to move left it's Bernie that needs to move to political center to be taken seriously in a general election. A general rule in national elections is that party extreme(left or right) get taken to the cleaners on election day. Look up Goldwater(extreme right) in 64 and McGovern(extreme left) in 72 who were not just beaten but embarrassed. If you look at most recent Presidents and those that were nominated you'd find most moved to center of the political spectrum because that's where most voters are. Even George W Bush was constantly harassed by Fox News and other right-wing pundits for not being conservative enough. So all those screaming that Hillary is not to left enough it's because it would be a mistake to go too far. She needs to to be close enough to center to appeal moderate of both party's. That's the reality folks.

It would be a better to let the Republican's nominate the extreme candidate be it Drumpf or Cruz. The Republican establishment is tearing it's hair out as they don't know what to do. They have two extreme candidates who would have almost no crossover appeal to moderates of the other party and they know it. Let them make that mistake. I'm betting they'll have super-delegates in the future to prevent the nightmare they're going through. Many pick on Hillary cause she's part of the establishment. So she is. It's because to get things done in politics you need connections to those that get things done. In come's President Bernie with his anti-establishment rhetoric and how many friends do think he'll have to get things done? Very few I would imagine after he's insulted them all throughout the campaign and his career. I think he does well because he's running in one party primary. In the light of day in a general election that socialist banner will be like a lead weight.

 I've even seen the crazy idea for Bernie to run third party which would be disastrous he would certainly drain votes from the Democratic side. Apparently some have short memories of Ralph Nader sapping enough of Al Gore's votes from Florida in 2000 to give us 8 years of George W Bush. Just let that sink in for a minute. Drumpf might as well order his giant gold DRUMPF sign to attach to the White House. Again let Drumpf go third party and ruin it for GOP. I have nothing against Bernie and actually like him and many of his ideas but unfortunately I don't feel he's the right one for the job. What has annoyed me most is the followers that get so wrapped up in passion of the moment and spew hatred and disdain for those of us that don't feel the Bern. They are only topped by brainless Drumpf supporters with their atrocious behavior.

 Please keep in mind that by staying and stomping you feet on election day on principle is the same as voting for Drumpf. What exactly does that gain? Your just spiting yourself and harming the rest of us. Should Bernie be nominated I will vote for him. To not do the same for Hillary is shameful, stubborn and childish. Grow up.

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