Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pre 5k Run


Today I hit the trail for my last run before my first 5k this Saturday morning in West  Yarmouth.  My regular training path is the World War 2 Veteran's Memorial Trail located in Mansfield, Massachusetts. It's little more than a mile and half paved path stretching from East Street near the center to Fruit Street across the street from Mansfield Municipal Airport.

I believe this will be a the last full jog(or run) before my first 5k in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts for Run/Walk for the Arts at The Cape Cod Cultural Center. I chose this because it seemed beginner friendly and a low key event.

The first few weeks were perhaps the hardest. Just between the winter weather that seemed to linger on in this area and getting used to jogging regularly. Felt awkward at first but soon got used it. Now amazingly I look forward to it now.

Another motivation was that when I was in the Army back in the Reagan era I did very poorly on the morning PT runs. I probably held the record dropping out of runs at my unit which was not something I was particularly proud of. So to do this and even do something like a 5k run would be a personal victory for me.

This is my latest stats(runners love stats, lol). I'm slow as molasses but I am improving. Can't wait for Saturdays 5k. I'm nervous and can't wait at the same time. Later.

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