Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the great dad's out there. Many are hard working and caring deserve all the praise in he world. My Dad isn't around to call or send a card to anymore. We had grown somewhat closer before his passing from cancer. Which in our definition I'd see him once or twice a month rather than once or twice a year. Neither one of us were great at initializing getting together.

Even though he was soft spoken he would talk your ear off once he got started. It was usually about everything and anything. Politics, current events, family maters and such. I also got the other side of the story from my parent split which was interesting after many year's of the others side. I kind of knew their was another side to it. I know the truth of the matter lies somewhere in between and I'll leave it at that.

Almost everyone I've encountered talks about what a nice guy he was. It's like a broken record at times. I believe that's part of the legacy he leaves behind. Although if you polled me and my siblings you may get different results. but I digress.

He was a nice guy I admit.It was at times fascinating to listen to him. Sometimes he'd even have some insightful thoughts or advice. He was hard guy not to like once you met him in person. Sometimes getting him to stop was another matter. He spoke softly and often paused on mid sentence or thought and left you hanging until he got around finishing it. It was annoying and endearing at the same time.

Admittedly I was subtly disappointed he wasn't around much when I growing up much. Being guys we rarely spoke of this openly. I did my best keep an open mind and never purposely shut him out. I did like his company and appreciated his insight. Especially when I became a Dad myself. I think we'd still only get so close even in the final stages of cancer were withering him away. In the end what was the purpose of hanging onto old issues any way?

Wasn't sure where I was going on with this. In my own life I've got my own issues being a Dad separated from his kids. A wonderful 12 year old son who's angered at my parting. My 5 year old son, who doesn't speak because of Autism, it's hard to tell how he feels. I miss them both and know I've got a long way to go to earn my Dad stripes. I love them and miss them both.

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