Saturday, June 28, 2014

Post 5k Report

This past Saturday I did my first 5k run in South Yarmouth located on Cape Cod. It was an overcast morning when I headed out to the Culture Center of Cape Cod where the race was being held. I signed in and found out I qualified for a free t-shirt too which was pretty cool. I went outside to warm up and put my shirt in the car and warm up.
My first racing bib!
Being my first race this was a learning experience. I tried to observe how other people warmed up. I tried not to look too much like a newbie. During my training a warm up consisted of a brisk walk for about 5 minutes then starting up. I saw some stretching and some warm up jogs. So i did a little of both. 

Big question I had was my phone/music. I generally listen to music while I jog but wasn't sure I if it was acceptable during a race(officially or just frowned upon by others). I did see others that were using  them so I thought I'd be OK. I had bought arm band to hold the phone but had some issues on best way to use it. It worked alright but was hard to make any volume adjustments or use the touch screen while on your arm. I did listen to music but at a much reduced volume to be able hear whats going on around me.

 There's a bridge over a river there somewhere.
It was an overcast and foggy morning. The run was started down the street from the Culture Center itself and circled around it before heading out for the main stretch. The pack stretched as the race went on through the quiet moderately populated neighborhood. The view of the Bass River was covered with a blanket of fog so even seeing the other side river wasn't happening. Temp was in low 70's I believe so conditions were actually pretty good for this type of race.

Being pretty slow and new at this I was bringing up the rear of the pack. Near the halfway point the race looped back onto itself and caught  glimpse of the leaders pass me going the opposite way. Soon I'm among only handful of people. 

I learned not to spend too much time drinking water from the water stations. Throws you off your rhythm of running and breathing. It did help though as I did seem to have a short burst of energy afterwards. Perhaps from just quenching my dry mouth. 

That elusive third mile marker, I missed the others, came insight. I seemed to find an extra burst of energy near the finish. I see the time clock and cones lined up where I'm supposed to funnel into. People are clapping and yelling words of encouragement. I finish only having a vague notion of my time. I grab some water off a table and cool down.

It feels great to have finished my 5k race.Felt proud and happy. It's the longest race I've ran since my Army days over 27 years ago.  After quitting smoking four years ago I had proved to myself it could be done. It felt good to be apart of this group of runners.  I can't wait to do it again. 

Not last!

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