Monday, March 30, 2015

How do you Library?

My local library, Boyden Library, Foxboro, Massachusetts. 
How do you use your local library? If your like me it becomes something to get lost in. Like a kid in a candy store I look at all the books I can take out and for free too! Like that kid in a candy store I've had a tendency to take to too much all at once. You see so much and temptation takes over. 

Of course This past winter I've started actually using my local library a lot more than I have in the past. Some of it had to to do with the record breaking snowfall we had this year. What else better than being cooped up inside with nothing else to do? My problem was that I wouldn't just pick out a book, it would be two or three at a time. I just couldn't help myself. To further this issue was that I'm not a fast reader in the first place. Secondly I already have many books in my own personal library that are waiting to be cracked open. 

It was fine at first but after awhile I began to notice these books collecting dust on my shelves while I got more from the library. Books I'm already reading were many times put lower on my priority list as the pressure to finish books before they had to be returned mounted. Don't get me wrong all this indulgent behavior could be directed at a lot worse things. Perhaps though I could temper it a bit and use it a lot more wisely.

 I've sort of come up with a new strategy in using the library. 1. Used it to supplement a subject I want to write or research more.What better place for this. It was the place for it before Google. You'll still find stuff that isn't on a search engine. 2. Try it before I buy it. Some books are still expense do to newness or rarity. Libraries are of course inexpensive to "test read" a book before buying a certain book. I've done this already. 3. Use library as a quiet place to read, study, write or just a place to chill out. Many of us can't get a ny quite time at home. Taking an hour or two at the library I've found it easier to focus without distractions such as family, pets, friends and so on(although I love many of them). 

How do you use your local library?

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