Friday, October 9, 2009

John Lennon

John_Lennon_Biography What can be said about this man that hasn’t been said before? I was just beginning to learn about him when he was taken away from us in 1980. I can’t give any first hand accounts of him when he was with us. We live in the shadow of John Lennon. I only remember the media coverage and reaction to his death. The only one that compared to it was the passing of the “King” Elvis just a couple of years before.

John of course was an essential member from the most influential pop/rock group in history, The Beatles. I knew very little of his personal life before his passing. I learned much of his post Beatle years in the days (and years) after his death. Media coverage at the time was extensive. Newspapers, radio and television were saturated with news and  music of his work. I believe the recent passing of the “King of Pop” pails in comparison. Many at the time felt they lost a family member or close friend. Can that be said of the gloved wonder? I doubt it, unless you’ve got a demented family.

What I learned about since is that he was a human being prone mistakes. He married a woman he loved, though few understood it(she didn’t cause the Beatle’s split but, she didn’t help matters either.). Extremely gifted artist and musician. He spoke his mind with his biting wit.  He used his celebrity status to campaign for world peace.  He was also a father too, was he a good Dad? That depends on which son you talk too. I also believe he grew up with a lot of anger and sadness, which at the time of his death he was beginning to work through.

One can only imagine(pun intended) what he would think of today's world.

Happy Birthday John! Thank you!


October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980

Life is just what happens to you,
While your busy making other plans…

-John Lennon “Beautiful boy(darling boy)”

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