Monday, October 26, 2009

Book: How to win friends and influence people : Part 14

The Secret of Socrates

j0390575 In this next chapter of Dale Carnegie’s famous book How to win friends and influence people we look at the power of “Yes”. When we start a conversation with someone we should start off by emphasizing what we agree on. It’s important to start by getting the first couple of yes’s out of the way. This set’s a positive and friendly tone. Overcoming a “no” answer is more difficult to do. The other person has already made a decision as a no answer implies. You have to overcome a person’s decision which is hard to do. If you get a yes your agreeing with them on an issue. Imagine it as a streak. When you get a string of “yes” responses they can build upon each other.

Dale Carnegie Principle:Get the other person to saying “yes,yes” immediately.

Next chapter: The Safety Valve In Handling Complaints

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