Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lincoln getting shot down

It really hurts to watch former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee get shot down by Hillary over her emails. I almost feel sorry for him. What stops me is that he puts himself in that position by appearing to be totally outclassed on his debut on the national stage.


Now we get the first day on the job excuse was that just seemed so lame. So in other words give me a pass on this one because my Dad died. So you voted on a major issue without doing your homework before hand. Abstain from voting on it then rather than do something blindly cause everyone else is doing it. 

As a former Rhode Islander im a little familiar with Lincoln. I actually even voted for him in his failed Senate campaign almost ten years ago. I kind of liked him back then when he was an ultra liberal Republican. It seemed like he was a bit of a rebel. He started losing me when he ran as an Independent for Governor. He won because three-way split and only garnered 36% of the vote. I actually voted against his closest opponent(Kilmartin) who was only 2% behind him. Soon he was acting as though he had a huge mandate. He fought Federal extradition of a suspect in a bank robber/murder. His granite like head fought on principle cause the suspect could be facing the death penalty. He had definitely lost me at that point. 


Back to Lincoln's puzzling Presidential run. Why is he running in the first place? He did so poor as a Governor he didn't even bother running for re-election so what realistic chance does he have as Governor? Latest polls show him at less than one percent and has barely raised $15,000(about the price of a decent used car). Claims to be a "block of granite" but has switched from Republican Senator, Independent Governor and now to Democratic candidate for the highest office in the land.  His "staff" is reportedly only composed of two people. Appeared to be ruffled when the questions turned against him. How would he handle the U.S. Congress, Vladmir Putin or a terrorist attack? He doesn't exactly inspire confidence or good leadership skills. 

Perhaps it's maneuver for  an office position, book or TV deal. The book would be great for the political humor section. Maybe like many of us we have something to say and we're using this venue to be heard. Unfortunately it seems like no is listening to him and the only attention he get's is ridicule and call's for him to drop out of his futile campaign for an office he is woefully under prepared for.

It seems this isn't the first time a political son has stumbled. Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Senator from Massachusett's Ted Kennedy whose status in politics is incredible, whether you liked him or not.. Poor hapless Patrick tried but seemed to fumble and was faithfully re-elected on his name and family money and with the even more hapless Republican opponents that dared to run against a Kennedy. Like Patrick, Lincoln's father was a legendary statesman and political figure in Rhode Island. Lincoln has obviously not lived up to it. It would be a lot for anyone. He just seems to have not found his niche and unfortunately his political capital has run dry and no one wants to listen. 

How long will this go on? Apparently despite no money, no support and nationwide ridicule Lincoln Chafee seems to pressing on like the granite block(head) his. So Rhode Island and the nation will have endure his dazed in the headlights campaign. How far will he go before he ruins his father's name for the sake of his own ego? It does not appear Linc will see the light any time soon. Do your Dad's name a favor and dropout.

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