Thursday, May 21, 2015

As the balls deflate

As a New Englander it's hard not to be unaware of this whole deflated balls mess with the New England Patriots . Even as we're closing in on summer this pound or two of pressure is still causing all this fuss. I'm only a Patriots fan by default as I'm really a hockey guy as I was more concerned who the new Bruins GM was going to be (Congrats to Don Sweeney for the selection!).

Of course the big news of the days was the reaction of Bob Kraft capitulating at the spring NFL owners meeting and is supposedly all hugs and kisses with Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner. In short he gives the reasoning that he won't fight the team sanction part of the penalty(draft picks and million dollar fine). This has had everyone scratching there heads as the last couple of weeks Bob had sworn for blood to fight it all. the way. Supposedly he saw the light decided, reluctantly,  to not pursue the matter for the better of the NFL. Yeah right.

Although I'm not expert but I think a few things happened,  more probably than not. First I think he got there and had realized he had little or no support from fellow owners. Let's face it, outside New England the Patriots and Brady are hated with a passion for a number of reasons. We've probably beat their butts at one time or another. Plus the issue of spygate several years back has them already with a black mark.

Another theory going around is that some sort of back channel talks have been going on and maybe Kraft dropped the issue if they'd give Brady a break on the suspension. Of Goodell is in denial of this in his most recent news conference. One has to realize to is that any back room dealing would most likely be considered confidential with a unofficial nondisclosure type of agreement so all involved could deny it. Kind of wink and a nudge type of agreement. So I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this theory.

Last, it's possible that the Roger Goodell had something more that wasn't revealed in the controversial Wells report. May have promised a bigger fight than Kraft was willing to take on at this point.

It would seem that Tom Brady is on his own at the moment. I don't see how they'll raise a championship banner while Superbowl MVP is serving his suspension. I'm hoping and predicting it'll get cut(hopefully) to just a game or two. I don't see Tom getting totally off on this one. Only time will tell what happens as this isn't over just yet.

It really is the Patriots verses the world in this case. This whole thing just leaves a rotten taste  in your mouth especially cause you know every football fan outside New England is having a field day with this one. This isn't over yet.

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