Sunday, April 16, 2017

Donald Trump Cold Open - SNL

I was at a bar last when this aired. Although much couldn't be heard over the din of a late night Karaoke crowd you could hear the mutterings of some of the old bar flies complaining about this. Cries of "unfair", "not funny" and general whining. Despite not being able to hear the actual dialogue on the TV the real-time commentary was quite entertaining and I got a good chuckle out of it. 

One thing I've noticed that many Donald supporters have in common with their golfing President is a thin skin when it comes to humor, especially when it's used in a critical way. What they seem to have most of is anger. When is the last time you've seen Donald crack a joke, laugh or even crack a smirk. It's all seriousness all the time. It seems that the very people who cry "Libtard", "Snowflake", sheep and so on are the very ones with the thinnest skin for criticism. 

I hate to say it with Donald penchant for buffoonish behavior and speaking before thinking it's unlikely this assault upon him will die out anytime soon.

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