Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Green Beret's by Robin Moore

The Green BeretsThe Green Berets by Robin Moore
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This was the book that the John Wayne movie"The Green Beret's" was based on. It is a collection of stories from the early day's of the Vietnam War around 63-64 when it was mainly "advisors" which consisted for the most part Special Forces (aka: Green Beret's) and support personnel. From what I can tell only one or two of the stories were used for the movie itself. It gives an interesting look at our involvement in the early part of the war before we had gotten more directly involved. You also get the picture that it was a confusing war with a complicated strategy and no clear battle lines. In a way the book mirrors the war as it moves from one story to the next without a clear connection. It's a decent book that's worthwhile if you'd like to get an idea what the early days of Vietnam War were like.

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