Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Donald

(Dan via Occupy Democrats)
Posted by Sick of the Slant - A Fair Look at the News of the Day on Sunday, January 17, 2016

 One good thing about Trump running for President is that it got me to pay more close attention. Of course things are heating up with the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary coming up in a few weeks.  It surprises me how many are actually taking Trump seriously. Here is a man who has never held a public office and who's claim to fame as a successful real estate mogul and reality television star.

I think his latest bid for the highest office of the land is just a bid further enhance his brand name and perhaps he's bored too. He's managed to insult Mexican's, Muslim's and his closest rival Ted Cruz. Their early truce seems to be over since their tirade in the debate over Cruz being born in Canada. Of course Ted Cruz is riding the wave of popularity due to an endorsement from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson so Trump should watch his back.

Trump is not without his entertainment value. His knack of saying what he wants to without a care seems to attract a lot of people. They don't seem to realize that just because someone speaks their mind doesn't mean it's right or smartest thing to say.

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