Saturday, August 1, 2015

John Wayne: The Life and Legend by Scott Eyman

John Wayne: The Life and LegendJohn Wayne: The Life and Legend by Scott Eyman
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What could be said about John Wayne that hasn't been said. He became a character unto himself. I thought I knew a lot a Duke Morrison but this was a decent and thorough accounting of his life. From his dirt poor kid from Iowa to a legendary Hollywood movie star. He defined the American masculine model for decades. The book is well written and paced. Details of his personal life are intermingled with his on screen activities. I did enjoy this book and it has spurred me to watch more of his films. With his long career I was amazed how many I've missed or overlooked. I'm even watching one now as I'm writing this(Hondo). Perhaps the most moving part was the end of his life battling cancer. It remind me of my Dad's battle with it. It's worth a reading if your fan of John Wayne.

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