Thursday, July 16, 2015

Teddy Roosevelt Speech

Lately I've been on a Roosevelt kick. You can't have one without talking about Teddy. Some how in my life as a history buff he's sort of flown under my radar. A recent viewing of the Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelt's kick-started me. The more I learn of him the more I'm impressed. I wished I had focused on him earlier. He was tenacious, smart, patriotic, hardworking and one tough son of a bitch. He once took a bullet before a campaign speech and went on to finish the speech.  I found this recording of a short speech interesting because it sounds somewhat different that you might expect. This of course was long before the soundbite on 24-hours news channels. You''d almost expect an early version of General Patton(George C. Scott's version). Some of his ideas are clouded by big words that would confuse the soundbite sensitive listeners of today. One of the greats.

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