Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Review: ‘Tis by Frank McCourt


376610After reading Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes" which leaves off when he arrives back in America. It's actually a story that has many facets. First is a young man trying to make his way in a new country. Trying to make a living, growing up, drinking and learning about women. In other words life. He speaks in a direct manner that is neither pompous nor apologetic. He admits his faults and lives with them. At times he's humorous and others serious and sensitive.

He also speaks of his parent's and his thoughts and dealings with them as they grow older. As I'm in that stage of life in dealing with my parents I could identify with him. It's interesting to see how our relationships change with our parents over time.

Another facet to a lesser extent is his observations of how Irish and American societies differ. He offers sometimes cynical commentaries on the Irish in America. Especially during the middle part of the last century.

A more personal struggle was how he came about being a teacher. How he overcame his lack of a high school diploma and was able to earn a college degree. He also battled how easy it would be to find a different type of job, but less fulfilling, just make better money.

Over all it's a good book. Not quite as powerful as his original book but still an interesting story for those wishing to continue where Frank left off in "Angela's Ashes". He has a direct style that is easy to read and entertaining.

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