Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bruin’s Notebook: Boston Bruin’s Stanley Cup DVD Review

I finally received my copy of the Boston Bruin’s Stanley Cup video released by NHL.Com and NHL Network. I immediately popped it in my laptop(Ok actually my wife’s) and started reliving history. It gives a little back story and then dives into their historic playoff run ending with the Stanley Cup.It certainly was nice to review all of this but it seemed to come up short as far as emotion is involved. That was what the Bruin’s thrived on but unfortunately didn’t translate very well to this video. Here’s the good and the bad.

Don’t get me wrong I love the video and it certainly had it’s good points. One was background to how this team came about. Not just starting from 2010’s crushing loss to the Flyer’s but back to the Joe Thornton trade which many believe was the low point of this franchise(I actually think it was when Ray Bourque was traded to Colorado to try for the Cup). We get a good picture of how low this team had gone before evolving into Cup winners.

What was disappointing about the video was more about what was missing or glossed over. Chara’s controversial hit on Montreal Canadien’s Max Paciorrety wasn’t even hinted at. The Bruin’s and Canadien’s rivalry is already intense even before the ensuing soap opera that followed this. This was still in the mind of the players and fans as the faced each other in the first round of the playoff’s.

Nothing is mentioned on how Coach Claude Julien’s job was in jeopardy if the Bruin’s made another disappointing exit from the playoff’s. This especially heated up when the Bruin’s lost the first two game’s at home. It started some speculating who the new coach was going to be next year.


I think his job is safe for quite awhile now.


Andrew Ference saluting the Canadien fans is surprisingly missing.

You also won’t find Max Paciorrety(see above) Tweeting about Brad Marchand’s nose. Montreal player’s trying out for the the Canadian diving team and Oscar nomination’s for best acting on ice. It was all part of the intensity that these two teams always bring when they play each other.

Of course when they faced the Philadelphia Flyer’s much was made about last year’s historic collapse. Aside from game two when the Flyer’s came the closest to making it a contest the series seemed to be over before it started.  The Flyer’s seemed to be shadow’s of themselves compared to last year. Veteran defenseman Chris Pronger’s injury and Philly’s revolving door in goal did them in. It was certainly sweet to see them sweep them in four. The only sour note was Bergeron’s concussion in game four.

The series against Tampa Bay was covered fairly well. Some behind the scenes stuff missing was Lightning Coach Guy Boucher playing mind games at press conferences(the facial scar was just too weird also). Another missing item was Nathan Horton giving some Tampa fans a shower from his water bottle. It was nice to see them highlight rookie Tyler Seguin’s sensational playoff debut in Bergeron’s brief absence(see above video).

One non-Bruin item that I thought worth mentioning was Tampa’s Steve Stamko’s taking a mean slap shot to the nose and then came back in the same period in game 7. His nose looked like it went through a meat grinder. It’s one of the reason’s I think hockey player’s are some of the toughest hombre’s around. If I could I’d make Stamkos an “Honorary Boston Bruin” for his guts and determination.

From Vancouver we miss Recchi and Lucic returning the fingers to the Canuck’s. Vancouver it seemed to turn into another ”Montreal” with a lot of diving and acting going on. The banter between Louongo and Thomas only get’s only briefly mentioned. We hear a bit about pumping tires but no mention of “staying in the paint”. No mention of the “Thelma and Louise” comment by commentator Mike Milbury and none about “The Sedin Sisters” on Twitter.  Even the “Green Men” were never mentioned or shown(if they were I missed it). They certainly didn’t show NHL President Gary Bettman getting booed. Although they showed clips from the parade in Boston they did miss this:


It may seem like I’m ranking on this video but I actually like it a lot. I saw plenty of highlights and stuff that I missed. Almost worth the price is the bonus all the Bruin’s NHL History clips are included. The video just has that rushed together feel (which it was). I’m hoping someone will do a more in depth video of the Bruin’s in 2011. It’s a very good video and worth getting but it’s just not “great”. 

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