Saturday, June 19, 2010

Up in smoke: Day 183

j0337276 Today marks my six month anniversary of becoming a non-smoker. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I believe making “The Decision”  to break free from cigarettes as the key ingredient. I heard almost every argument against smoking that you could think of. Many only serve to annoy or have a hard line against smoking.  Sure the pictures of black lungs, cancer victim testimony, warnings on packs, public service announcements in many cases only put smokers on defensive. I know I had that feeling also.

It comes down to making a decision to leave cigarettes behind and then seeking the best method to aid you. That’s if you need to. I did use Chantix as a helper and it seemed to work for me. Though I admit I didn’t finish the full prescription. I admired those that quit with a simple decision to do so. For those still chained to cigarettes I would advise you to concentrate on making your own decision to become free. No one can make it for you. Worry about the method secondly. Once the decision has been made then plan how your going to do it and follow through with it.

This following video is a clip of former smoker and author the late Alan Carr who wrote The Easyway to quit smoking in 1985. I did read this book a few years ago. Though I didn’t quit after reading the book, much of the book stayed with me since. The clip summarizes his basic philosophy that it’s easy to quit. Good luck!

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