Saturday, January 9, 2010

Up in Smoke : Day 29

j0433872 This is my fourth week using Chantix to aid me quitting smoking. It also marks day 22 of quitting. Technically I should be done with my first installment of Chantix but along the way I forgot a few pills so I still have a few left. I’ve still got to call my doctor to get the second installment. I’m partly debating whether to continue with the Chantix.  I’m open to any comments about this. No I’m not starting smoking again but just thinking whether to continue with the pills. Yes It’s gotten be this far but the nicotine addiction passes in the first few days. The rest of the addiction is in mind. For those that don’t smoke may not realize how deeply ingrained this habit becomes after many years of smoking. It in a sense becomes part of who you are. It also becomes a friend of yours. So when you quit it can be like breaking of a long term relationship.

For the most part I’m feeling well. I don’t weigh myself regularly so I couldn’t tell you if I’ve gained any weight. I think I gained a few but then I’ve always had a few extra pounds on me so I’m not exactly losing sleep over it. The pills do give me a touch of nausea if I don’t have some food in my stomach. No weird dreams or suicidal thoughts as the warning label reads.  My lovely wife has noticed though that I’ve not been irritable so much but, I’ve been more apt to communicate  about stuff that may be bugging me.  This may be due to not having cigarettes to hide my true feelings or put them off.

Other than an urge occasionally I’m doing very well.  Thanks to all who have supported me with your messages of encouragement. They do have an impact. Have a great day!

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